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BareFood (Bar E Food) is on level 1 and you can reach 'her' via an elevator or by taking a few steps. From the trendy lounge you look out into the green and urban Leopoldplein. There are several places where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, read, work, listen to great music or just have a little chat ... all while (optionally) enjoying a one or more tasty bites (during the aperitivo). The drinks are chosen with love and the food is prepared with passion. The basis consists off quality offering, working with local suppliers and going for seasonal products. We focus on good, healthy, nutritious food, but we also believe in guilty pleasures. 



Quality products, working with local suppliers and going for seasonal products form the true basis of BareFood (only Breakfast & Aperitivo). We focus on good, healthy and nutritious food but we also believe in guilty pleasures. During the 'Lazy Sunday Noon' on every first Sunday of the month, this vision is shared with the guest chefs (due to coronavirus related restrictions, the Lazy Sunday Noon is being put on hold for a while - we hope to start again in 2021). Take a regular look at our website, Facebook (BareFoodGiuliaHasselt) or Instagram (@barefoodgiulia) and stay informed of our varied and changing selection.


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