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Let's meet BareFood and Giulia, a cozy feel-at-home bar (Breakfast & Aperitivo) and a unique boutique hotel with 7 luxurious and stylish rooms located in a beautifully renovated mansion in the center of Hasselt, locally known as the Capital of Taste. BareFoodGiulia is the place to be to make your visit an unforgettable experience. Let all your senses come to life ...

Coming Up 2021: Business (as usual?) @ BareFood Giulia

The global crisis caused by COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the world we once knew, especially in terms of health, work and social relationships. These consequences were, in addition to the ruthlessly hard-hit health sector, very strongly felt in the Horeca (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes/Bars) sector. Bookings were canceled en masse, travel was often no longer allowed or discouraged and take-away became a weekly ritual for many households. You probably had a very different idea of 2020.

Of course we as a team at BareFoodGiulia also had to undergo a lot of changes. It wasn't always easy, but as Sir Winston Churchill once said ... "never let a good (Good? Really?) crisis go to waste". Every Hospitality business was encouraged to think creatively, out-of-the-box as they sometimes say. As of today, we are convinced that, despite everything, we have succeeded in this and can therefore be very proud of what we have already achieved, but also of what is yet to come. And all this while respecting the national and international health rules and measures, off course.

Even before the corona crisis hit the small country of Belgium, we noticed a very pleasant trend in our bookings and visits, namely the increased growth of the well-appreciated business traveler. Managers of large and medium-sized companies, founders of startups and creative self-employed people, business people from Belgium and far beyond, all found their way to BareFoodGiulia. BareFoodGiulia loves business and business loves BareFoodGiulia.

But how did that happen? A boutique hotel as unique as that of BareFoodGiulia is not usually associated with business, but rather with relaxation, fun and enjoyment in style.

The concept of BareFoodGiulia has always been inspired by that special feeling of "being at home". And that also applies to our business customers. After all, we want to offer a home for everyone who is "far away" from their actual home. Whether you are here with us for leisure or for business then appears to be of secondary importance. After all, you are "at home" here with us. Who wouldn't want to come home and relax after a long day of tough negotiations that fortunately led to the conclusion of a successful new business deal?

In short, hard work and great enjoyment can be combined and BareFoodGiulia is living proof of this. Try it out for yourself and be inspired by the creative and relaxing environment of BareFoodGiulia. 

Hope to see you soon @BareFoodGiulia

P.S.1 : Given the significant impact of last year's events of our work lives, we also want to put more emphasis on Work From Home @ BareFoodGiulia. Do you want to take a break or experience a brief change of scene, but you currently can't afford no or insufficient leave? Enjoy a relaxing working environment in one of our seven rooms where you can telework from check-in to check-out in a different, but inspiring environment (free wifi; coffee, tea and water are offered in the room or treat you to a delicious drink from the Giulia drinks menu).

P.S.2 : Discover our Congratulations Surprise Bag (coming soon May 2021) to celebrate your special occasions during your stay @BFG.

Coming Up 2021: Business (as usual?) @ BareFood Giulia


Spring 2020 has passed in a very surreal way and a very beautiful and warm summer is already coming to an end. Let autumn come with its beautiful colors (Indian Summer), scents and flavors. What could be more fun than long walks in the autumn forest in search of forest mushrooms and then enjoy a steaming bowl of spicy pumpkin soup by a cozy and warm fire. 

How we love the seasons at BareFood Giulia, each time different and surprising ... like our own concept BareFood Giulia.

That is why we are happy to announce that in the course of this new season there will be some nice changes and surprises coming your way.


New opening hours for the bar, new drinks menu.

Unfortunately no more lunch, but we can recommend so many other nice alternatives in Hasselt.

Check out our new opening hours and new drinks menu soon.

In the meantime, check our current opening hours (see contact) and our drinks & small food menu.


In addition, especially for our nice hotel guests, completely NEW in our offer as extra room service: our 'GIULIA' guests can now also enjoy a delicious 'bubble', an elegant 'wine' or a nice and fresh local 'beer' in the unique atmosphere of their room.

Check out our new GIULIA drinks menu (see Giulia Drinks Menu) and order before your check-in via mail to or during your stay at the hotel desk or via a message to +32 (0) 472 12 45 01. The BareFoodGiulia team is happy to prepare the chilled drink with accompanying glasses and a nibble so that you can fully enjoy your relaxing stay immediately after arrival and this in the unique setting of one of the seven rooms you have personally and carefully selected. Cheers!!!

And last but not least ...

Concerned about your health and safety? Don't worry, we are too and we have taken the necessary measures.

Our MOTTO during this period ....

'safe and healthy, yet still cozy and unique'.

Hope to see you soon @BFG and bring your bubble (friends & family) with you!


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On the agenda

Pending the relaxation of current COVID-19 (Corona) restrictions, we have not yet planned any 'events'. We will keep you informed of any changes. 


Where our passion lies

Barefood Giulia is the result of passion, taste and courage. We not only want our guests to enjoy and relax while enjoying a delicious and refreshing selection of drinks and snacks, we also want to inspire them. This idea can be found in our interior, characterized by a refined and luxurious but also distinct touch. We like to work with local products and often rely on nearby suppliers. Nonetheless, our inspiration also extends far beyond, allowing you to get to know the very best that Hasselt, Limburg and the world have to offer.


Simply the place to ...

D rink
E at
L isten
E njoy &
T alk @
E ase

... and have a good night's sleep

The Premises

The property is a beautifully renovated mansion on the Leopoldplein in the center of Hasselt. The interior is high end and stylish with a bold and distinct touch. The walls are covered with beautiful wall graphics and artwork. Old and new meet in a natural confluence of local craftsmanship and artistic vision. Come and discover it yourself and let yourself be seduced by Barefood Giulia.

The Premises
The Premises
The Premises

Where old meets new
design loves kitsch
and nice people make friends

The Premises


Make yourself at home

Just sit back and relax with a good book in one of our upcycled seats and enjoy custom music in the background or sit comfortably at our beautiful bar and let yourself be carried away by the interesting conversations. Quality drinks and delicious appetizers will only make your Barefood and Giulia experiences even more complete.



Have a good night sleep

Giulia is a warm boutique hotel with 7 luxurious rooms equipped with all modern comfort cast in a unique style. Our team will make your stay as personal and pleasant as possible.


Lazy Sunday Noon

What could be more fun than having a Lazy Sunday Noon in which you and your family, friends, colleagues ... are being spoiled by a festive lunch prepared by a guest chef who gives his own interpretation of the Barefood Giulia concept. Every first Sunday of the month you can be part of this unique experience (subject to reservation).

Stay Tuned

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