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Business @ BFG

Business @ BFG

People who work together will win ... (Vince Lombardi)

Remote and Hybrid Work are here to stay! The pandemic has made that very clear to all of us. So we better make the best of it ... all together.

Het huis staat er nog, maar de voegen zijn stevig aangetast. Tijd om daar werk van te maken. (Marleen Miermans).

What the pandemic has also made us realize is the need for strong human contact and coming together. Consequently, BareFood Giulia offers companies and teams the opportunity to meet in the creative and stimulating environment that characterizes us. Would you like to have a brainstorming session or discuss the strategy for the coming months just before having a nice and extensive lunch or a fun team building event? That is of course possible at BFG. From 10 am to 4 pm (Monday to Friday), our ground floor (+- 40m²) is available as a meeting room, equipped with a large projection screen, whiteboard and WiFi. Ideal for a business meeting in style. You only deserve the best, why settle for less?! ;)

Of course, not everything has to be business as usual. A delicious breakfast with your team members followed by a team building event such as a challenging escape room, a refreshing bike ride or a lovely round of indoor petanque with some delicious cocktails ... who could say no to that?!

Have a look at our options below!

Business Meeting @ BFG

From 10 am to 4 pm (Monday to Friday), our ground floor (+- 40m²) is also available separately as a meeting room, equipped with a large projection screen, whiteboard and WiFi. The rental of this space for business meetings or events amounts to 50 EUR/hour (excluding VAT) (drinks not included).

Meet(ing) for Breakfast

Meet(ing) for Breakfast up to +- 20 people
A delicious breakfast is the best way to start a productive day. Combine your strategy discussion in a time-efficient manner with our delicious Suitcase Breakfast @ BFG.

Meet(ing) before Lunch

Meet(ing) before Lunch up to +- 30 people
Would you like to get togehter for a meeting before exploring the extensive gastronomic offer of Hasselt and surroundings for a delicious fresh lunch? From 10 am to 4 pm (Monday to Friday) our ground floor (+- 40m²) is available as a meeting room with projection screen, whiteboard and WiFi.

Meet(ing) before Dinner

Meet(ing) before Dinner up to +-30 people
Work hard in our meeting room with projection screen, whiteboard and WiFi and afterwards enjoy a delicious meal in one of the many super restaurants in Hasselt - the Capital of Taste.
Does that sigh at the end of the working week sound oh so familiar to you? ... Thank God It's Friday: on Fridays (from 4 pm to 9 pm) we offer Aperitivo@BareFood. The ideal opportunity to get to know your colleagues better in a casual atmosphere before exploring Hasselt's culinary scene.

Meet(ing) before Night

Meet(ing) before a Night up to +- 9 people
If you want to give your team spirit an extra boost, you can combine Meet(ing) before Dinner with an overnight stay in one of our 7 original and creative rooms and round off your Business @ BFG with a delicious Suitcase Breakfast.

Teambuilding @ BFG

Teambuilding @ BFG with overnight stay for up to 9 to 14 people (breakfast included).
The mortar has disappeared between the bricks. But the good news is that the building and foundations are still there. A close-knit team characterized by a healthy corporate culture, that's what we all strive for.
To get your team's noses in the same direction again in a quick and efficient way, you can organize a team building at BareFoodGiulia.Start the day with a morning meeting (possibly with breakfast), followed by a light lunch in one of the many trendy places in Hasselt, after which it is time to relax with a challenging team building activity (to be organized independently, but we are happy to give you some great tips). After a refreshing shower in our hotel, you will enjoy a delicious dinner in one of the many top restaurants in Hasselt. You end your top teambuilding with our amazing Suitcase Breakfast after a wonderful night's sleep in one of the 7 creative and unique rooms of BareFoodGiulia.

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