Lazy Sunday Breakfast

Lazy Sunday Breakfast

Every Sunday from 8.30am to 1.30pm.

Our delicious and gastronomic breakfast is served every Sunday. What's in a name! Enjoy quietly and extensively with your family, friends, partner or company. Only on reservation and at least 1 day (24h) in advance for non-hotel guests as we prefer a personal and individual approach. Our places are limited, book your place in time.

Since 2023, our Lazy Sunday Breakfast will be "revamped" every few months. Join us on a journey to discover our luxurious Lazy Sunday Breakfast inspired by the culinary riches of, among others, Italy, France, Mexico and Japan. Follow our social media channels to stay informed.

What you get ("English Style" Breakfast - from November 2023 to February 2024):
Apple juice mocktail with ginger ale, mint and crushed ice
Homemade toast bread, brown bread, scones with clotted cream and homemade lemon curd and marmalade
Bread pudding
Pumpkin pie with toasted seeds and agave
BFG's Full English: white beans and onion in tomato sauce with egg, bacon, pork sausage and black pudding, grilled tomato and mushroom with garlic, parsley, herbs and lemon
English Pie
Apple juice with ginger
Tea or coffee
Background music: 1960s English bands 

€35 per person

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Suitcase Breakfast

Prefer to have breakfast throughout the week or on Saturday? Come and discover our unique Suitcase Breakfast.

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